A little about me.

I live in a small market town in the heart of Norfolk called Dereham. I went to Norwich City College and studied Art/Design and Textiles. When I left school initially I wanted to be a graphic designer but soon realised I wasn't that great with computers. I started an A level in fine art but after the 1st year my tutor politely told me that maybe textiles was a better subject for me and oh boy wasn't he right! I worked hard and managed to complete 2 years of work in 1 years and came away with an A level in textiles and distinction's in both intermediate and advanced art and design.
I met my current partner during my college years and bought our first flat in 2000. Our Daughter came along in 2004 and we moved into our house in 2005. I had just a regular job for many years but still done sewing bits and pieces in my spare time.
I cant quite remember when but I really got into quilting and loved making portrait wall hangings from fabric from that I went out and bought a quilting sewing machine and started making that my hobby.
In 2014 my life changed forever when my mum passed away. I now needed to have more flexible working hours and put my daughters needs first. My mum always looked after Courtney while I was at work so I decided with the money that was left to me I would buy an embroidery machine, always wanted one but never had the money to buy one.
I left my full time job and started a small embroidery business just embroidering work wear. I was getting a lot of requests for personalised baby items and soon made that my specialist area. I love making baby bits knowing the gifts babies receive will be treasured keepsakes.
In 2015 I opened a small shop in my town specialising in personalised baby/toddler gifts and clothing but still achieving an ever growing corporate clientele base. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful new and returning customers I have met and continue to meet during this journey.

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